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it portrays pailin in a little more truthful a little less flattering light just at the box offices but it flops too and made seven thousand dollars nationwide in its opening week so like her or hate or increasingly no one seems to care about sarah palin at least that's what the free markets. and a very very ugly hampshire state representative al bell this are. just recently endorsed rick perry for president but i think rick perry might want to say thanks for the banks or maybe you off in an interview think progress fellas are weighed in on the controversy surrounding audience members and gay soldier at the last republican debate saying he was disgusted but not of the audience reaction instead because the soldier came out. was how. robinson says thank you.
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god you know we. realized. he was. like. yeah i thought it was great that the audience booed and soldiers were hearing that endorsement i think rick perry might want to say and thanks but no vase or maybe he won't who knows nowadays in any case it's very clear. coming up about a month ago president obama laid out his jobs plan with an urgent call to congress to pass this bill so why are eric cantor and his g.o.p. buddies not even considering a year and a vote on. what drives the world the fear mongering you've talked. allah titian's who makes
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decisions considered breakthrough had already been made who can you trust no one who is imbued with a global mission or is it where we had a state controlled capitalism is called sasha's when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more.
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welcome back to the big picture i'm tom hartman coming up in this half hour house republicans again proved they don't care about creating jobs one prominent right we're in called president obama's american jobs act unreasonable and so the house won't even vote up since one is trying to get over twenty million unemployed americans back to work reasonable and many years ago gandhi had a message for his army of peaceful protestors in dealey take i'll explain how his words are more relevant than ever today's occupy wall street protests. republican house majority leader eric cantor stock which should have been president obama's americans jobs act yesterday saying there's no chance that the house of
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representatives will even bring the bill to the floor for consideration let along pass it as a majority of americans want despite the fact that numerous economists of so that the american jobs act will create millions of new american jobs eric cantor call the legislation unreasonable and so the house republicans instead will chop the president's proposal as in as just. cuts to federal programs that support poor middle income people or cut taxes on rich people and nothing else in response president obama said the stores. people don't have the luxury of waiting thirteen months to live and week to week some are living paycheck to paycheck some folks are living day to day they didn't really need it now they want congress to do what they were elected to do. congress to do. do your job congress instead of focusing on jobs house republicans are focusing on cutting federal health programs federal education programs and labor programs as
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a new york times reported house republicans are laying the groundwork for another battle with president obama over spending and domestic policy of a bill that would cut some of his favorite health and education programs to tie the hands of the national labor relations board and eliminate federal grants for planned parenthood clinics it's unclear how many jobs will be created this is salt against programs that educate our kids and assist with women's health care so how long until eric cantor and the republicans drop their war and planned parenthood and get america back to work rebuilding this country answer that i'm joined by mccabe editor of the guns and patriots column of human events online. and you don't often see it why do you why do i could personalize this to you are but let me generalize this short publicans the house of representatives how do they hate working people and. how long have you been beating your wife well this is seriously i mean it's been two years since they've allowed a single piece of legislation to get through that would actually you know stimulate
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the economy in any way or create jobs well i mean the republicans just took over the house recently and they've been trying to be have been blocking things in the sun for a long time sure and i think what the republicans are trying to do is they're trying to. lessen the burden of taxes lessen the burden of regulations and free up the free economy so that you know in other words take us back to early. time when we had a different tax structure we had an economy that really worked as there is that we mean are you going to set me up for the clinton implosion well no i'm not actually i wasn't going to bill clinton all i was thinking actually dwight eisenhower well i think well that was a pretty high tax rate actually yeah it's like my noise and ninety percent ninety percent taxes in that decade saw three point four percent growth for the entire debt you're following decade was three point three percent the sixty's that was in the fifty's and sixty's and the seventy's was three point one percent and those three decades were the only three decades in the entire three hundred or two hundred thirty year history the united states when g.d.p. grew more than three percent for an entire decade continuously and what was the one
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thing consistent with those three decades the top tax rate was about fifty percent it was ninety to seventy four percent we were also forgetting that during those period from say one thousand nine hundred seven to one thousand nine hundred eighty seven our share of the worldwide economy was disproportional because all of our industrial competitors had been bombed back to the stone age i don't know of many of them but certainly we did damage to our art and so as those economies rebuilt we saw in the seventy's we had built an economy that was sort of set up during this disproportional share of the world economy and is that is the sort of returns a very nice story neal it's a now actually it's a it is an area but it's not true when you actually look at the numbers you see the exports as part of our economy were around three percent i wish our share of the world economy exports as as part of our as part of our economy were creeping up and we weren't you know hitting enter pan in one nine hundred fifty five we were competing against germany in one thousand fifty five we were competing against the one nine hundred thirty either with three percent it was it was was our total
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export you know our imports were running around three percent we you know this whole global free trade thing is a real recent phenomena so and with the marshall plan what we were doing was we were giving them money to build their own factories they could buy their own goods not shipping goods to them that's not the build america would build america was eisenhower pouring money into the federal highway system what would build america was was the was you know in innovation a nationalist sense of well it was nasa in the sixty's and it would build america was americans after my tax rates. well i mean what percent i mean i don't think there's anything about a high tax rate that drives economic growth there's nothing specifically about how high taxes are exactly what it is because because you're going to say that somebody forced the poor back into their business they don't they don't take the money out and it's not hot money it's not hey let's campbell with this well if you look at the history of the twentieth century sure and if you can prove me wrong i'll have you back and you can lay it all out of charts and graphs but every single time the
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top tax rate has been above fifty percent no bubbles no crashes every time it goes yeah everything goes below fifty percent but you get bubbles and crashes because you got a lot of rich people a lot of money and they're looking to actually for money a story of activity let me ask ronald reagan yes ask you the next question here is . we're going to close the under the protection of the law and some of the truly wealthy to avoid paid their viewership. in series of those are the understanding but in practice they sometimes make it impossible for a million years to make a bus driver was being presented to sound the ministries using the union or maybe the intentions of the bus driver or the ways. and by the way the crowd then shouted you know when right ronald reagan said you think a millionaire should pay more in taxes than the bus driver or less the crowd shouted more and this was a republican crowd what's happened to the republican. well billionaire you know
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billionaire twice over telling the owners laterally we're telling you no because your eyes are shouldn't pay what it millionaires pay but you're to your for you the real you are the republican party or you know twenty five percent or twenty five more than a quarter of all people who are in more than a million dollars last year less income tax than the median wage or than somebody earning forty seven thousand dollars a year america you know this is wrong but the republicans are trying to do tax reform they just don't want it to be enhanced made of revenue base just you know a very i want to be an increase in taxes on people they want to know are illegal you know i don't know any of that any of the balanced budget amendments or any proposals they always talk about revenue as a percentage of g.d.p. . so they're not talking about specific like rich or poor they're just saying you have to tax the economy at this rate say nine hundred twenty percent that's what people want neal you know i just say they're saying we want to make sure we want to
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if we want to keep the oil deduction for these guys who. has yet exemption for these guys when eric cantor actually walked out of the room when they were negotiating over the over the private jet exemption remember this is just two weeks ago three weeks so i think that you know if you were really want to talk about negotiating problems you know you were talking about why obama can't get things done i really really well ok if you want to talk about why obama can't get the republicans to go along it's because he doesn't have the interpersonal skills to convince people to go along you don't think it's because mitch mcconnell today that president obama started his presidency and then reaffirmed it a month ago that his number one job was to make obama a one term president i would not i think the obama's maybe he took that personally and i know they keep talking about it but i think that's a line that you know anyone can say and sort of i was i sure there are a lot of democrats who are working from day one to defeat reagan or nixon or you know i don't think that we have it in my lifetime i there's a saying there is
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a problem when the obama white house negotiates with the republicans on the hill yet they give away half their deal in advance because the obama make it easier as they say nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to and so you it is it possible long ago she it's impossible to make small steps because it's a last minute obama then says and you have to raise taxes and they're always going to so the fact that the ok so the fact that the republicans are going to refuse to do this is obama's fault you know we're all right but it will always be obama's fault on perry you go right up here the last word table in the american jobs act republicans will also be voting on more tax cuts for corporations and on legislation repealing a slew of government regulations that make sure the air we breathe. we eat and the water we drink is safe. it's pretty much a carbon copy of what each and every republican presidential candidate has proposed to create jobs is their idea of job creation is hiring more nurses and doctors to cake take care of all the people who will get asthma and cancers and transactional
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corporations are a lot of the political or if so maybe our current unemployment situation isn't so bad after all. coming out the spotlight has finally been lifted from new jersey gov chris christie within an hour and a half with not without an hour and a half but now he deals with christie's drawn out repetitive use of the word what i've heard. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through that sort of people who made who can you trust no one who is in view with a global mission who would see where we had a state controlled capitalism is called satchels when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more.
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crazy alert that song out of my head researchers at the university of london have broken the code i what makes this song so much part of the research the key elements that keep people singing a song often without wanting to are long and detailed musical phrases multipass changes in the book and they'll vocalists accompanied by higher male whole course based on that criteria researchers concluded that the top two pitches songs ever
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made were queens we are the champions and bill is people's y.m.c.a. are the songs that made the top ten list include europe's final countdown and oddly the theme song to the t.v. show baywatch who would have thought the real reason why people tune in to pay watch is because of the music. there is a political bombshell this afternoon in the republican race for the white house that is if you call a candidate saying at least two dozen times that he's not running for president and then today calling a press conference to once again announce that he's not running for president
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a political if you call that a political bombshell. that's exactly what new jersey new jersey governor chris christie did today and the cable news outlets went completely nuts covering almost the entirety of his hour and fifteen minute long process conference which by the way is considerably longer than any press conference given to date by any of the actually declared g.o.p. candidates. in case you missed it here's governor christie once again seign not running for president. now is not my time i have a commitment to new jersey that i simply will not abandon that's a promise i made to the people of this state when i took office twenty months ago to fix a broken new jersey and when i look at what we've accomplished so far i'm proud but i know we're not nearly done i've made this commitment to my state first and foremost. people sent me to try to get a job done and i'm just not prepared to walk away so now the republican
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establishment has been sworn in their love affair with chris christie short as it was well they finally coalesce around one of the republicans who is already in the race or somebody else your offer is take as bill share a line editor of the campaign for america's future and author of the book wait don't move to canada stay and fight strategy to win back america bill welcome thanks so much for having me great to have you here it seems to me like when his positions on the issues but chris christie's positions on the issues actually started coming out that the republicans discovered that he's way more liberal than any of the guys up on the stage in the debates in my is that my assessment of that a accurate and b. might that be why he decided to bail out of more liberal is quite right it's hard to put them on that sort of less crazy he has certain positions they're not because they're not orthodox right we conservatives he dismisses the threat of sharia law for example i believe you said once
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a global warming is real if we're saying very low bars of what would be considered a limbo as the in favor of. civil unions as well or somebody else they could be but so he has a handful of things like that that's silly would have come up in a primary so would have had a glide path to the nomination he must have known better but what's what's interesting is the spite that there was this clamor among sort of republican circles conservative circles corporate circles begging him to come in david code and be able to get a good head of home depot was a big big guy talking on christie's door and they'd basically let their desperation show they've let the country know we don't like our guys we don't think are guys are good enough so we want to guy with a spotty record in new jersey because he gives a good quote from time to time he sounds like a tough guy sometimes even if you have some positions that we don't like we think that maybe just maybe. he he has. some personal charisma back to get us through we
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don't think our current lot has it and by look by letting christie to use them along all we've done is diminish the field that they already have ensured recognize the feel that they're going to have well and and maybe another way to say it would be that the guns in the field who do have charisma. are just too wacky to you know it's just it's michele bachmann and rick perry's herman cain i think is very fast in this respect we're on our second it's came came boomlet yeah because see it in the one of the first debates get a couple good lines you know it's a little funny on the stump he has it he's not deep on policy there are certain issues he said he says i don't know how to do but i can say i'll consult experts that's the best he has on foreign policy because a couple good lines of debate and that gives him a spike but what's happened ever came with bachmann with perry because he's initial bombs and they have to actually answer a tough question or two and even republicans see wow you are so shallow you cannot
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even handle one punch need to do you want to question from reporter and i want to win and i'm not convinced you can go toe to toe with obama and they fade out and now they're going to recycle their broom with their pickle bag right here just like in pa which they can't buy they're all over the mitt romney still the top of the pack and isn't all of this indicating that a they have a mitt romney problem and b. that the two major factions of the republican party neither of which is the average republican voter the herbert walker bush old line old money republicans who i don't know who they look you know this is the they don't really have a candidate maybe it's going to be romney and the tea party folks are just so crazy and our candidates are so crazy they paddled main line republican group realize that if these guys take power they're doom and then of course there's the neo cons in the middle who got george w. bush i mean he was one of them they are totally to. credit everybody now because their state got to get afghanistan again their stand on the outside thrown stones
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and so you know where where does the republican party do you know go this is as divided as the republican party is i think you would i have seen in our in our lifetimes and you we had there are elements of the split in two thousand and eight you know the the tea party right there's always always was a far right over the republican party the tea party the new should not really sure what you all call the john birch society exam and they used to be thought of the same people. put all of the right wing talk show hosts they did not want john mccain as their nominee yet he tried very hard to not be all right about romney to be their best chance to stop mccain and they didn't have the juice to do it but you know mccain did not win fifty percent of the vote if you want to plurality i'm a conservative couldn't fully consolidate on one guy so stop that now romney is in the mccain position the right wants to stop him. but they can't pick their guy as long as it's fractured right even though romney is the father of of obama's health care reform even though that's the thing that concerns hate the most and you know
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you know romney's not getting fifty percent but thirty five percent might be just fine if they can't pick one of the conservative because they because there is an element of electability concerns that even fairly conservative seem to have now so that's what's happening on the right there's there's fracture and there's there's a whole and here it really on the left you know i don't think that there's going to be a serious primary challenge to president obama at all right real unlikely and we just have a minute left for this but. it does seem like we're kind of at a ross perot or ralph nader moment that there's a possibility a third party might emerge on either side because there's enough discontent in your side do you see anything like that happening that was possible you know once all ross perot he was going to transport was really right i mean that in the end you know and he was a very rare situation where he got almost twenty percent of the vote here one thousand nine hundred two no one's really making those those sorts of noises right now except for maybe donald trump i don't think relative replicate ross perot on that score there's certainly a disadvantage constituency that it's satisfy with both parties but no one seems to
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be tapping it right now so i'm not seeing at this moment that last question real quickly you're hosting a progressive breakfast at the take back the american dream conference tomorrow morning at seven thirty that's what's what's cooking i going to see what's going to cook overnight but probably the total action which we know about of the republicans over the american jobs act. that seems to be heating up the senate moves on the china pro and c. bill will probably come up and also what's happening at the conference how do we take this momentum building to take back the american dream and you articulate a narrative it's going to resonate with the broader public what we do next after the conference is over bill sure thanks so much great to see you bill.
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first thing then they ridicule you then they fight you then you win. so said mahatma gandhi to his legion of peaceful demonstrators as he took on and defeated the british empire the most powerful empire on the planet at that time without raising a single musket and today history is repeating itself right here in the united states as young people in manhattan and elsewhere around the nation face the same resistance gandhi faced being ignored being ridiculed being fought as they fought off the greatest concentration of wealth and political influence it's ever graced the planet for these wall street the occupy wall street movement started on september seventeenth that's seventeen days ago and for most of those seventeen days the mainstream corporate media decided to ignore it now because a big protest isn't newsworthy heck of a dozen tea partiers decided to have
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a cookout in iowa there'd be five so-called news satellite trucks lining the roadway and all the other networks too but instead because it didn't fit in with their corporate narrative they ignored it it didn't fit in with their agenda to make sure that the nation's millionaires and billionaires could keep their tax breaks and keep their political influence because these are the same people who run and sit on the boards of directors of those very same media giants so they ignored the movement just as gun you predicted but soon enough after the numbers swelled and cops started turning up and pepper spraying women and then corralling and arresting seven hundred people and media couldn't ignore it anymore so they moved from ignoring it to ridicule it. do you think that whole wall street protest over to real not real were there really a lot of people down there were there a lot of i could never tell. everyone see the arrested eighty people right but i don't know if that was like all eighty of them i think if you put every single left when calls into a blender and hit power this is the sludge you get they are some of the most
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uninformed people if you listen to her really unbelievable i like that one guy says were affecting things i think the only things affecting is traffic all of those quotes could have been said in seventeen eighty nine france for the french revolution or the russian revolution or with only slight modification when the nazis were coming to power in from cuba on their fellow castro hugo chavez in venezuela this is always the beginning of totalitarianism so if only the tea party with its keep your government hands off my medicare president obama is a socialist and death panels receive the same sort of ridiculing coverage from the mainstream media but it didn't agree with tea bags dangling from their hats fits snugly into the corporate media's narrative if you want to rally for lower taxes on rich people and corporations then you can get all the airtime and favorable coverage you want in the united states but despite being ignored and ridiculed
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occupy wall street is growing and has momentum as does occupy chicago which is continued for eleven straight days now and has been largely ignored as those occupy boston and occupy minneapolis and i could buy los angeles and occupy washington d.c. it's just getting bigger and bigger and bigger which means it's only a matter of time before the peaceful protests are put down with violence with fighting remember gandhi's maxim first ignore and then ridicule in the light. we're already seeing the fighting after two straight weekends of unprovoked sometimes brutal police crackdowns but as this movement grows it's only going to get worse more arrests more pepper spraying more plotting more rhetorical violence in the corporate mouthpieces we're fighting and that's when everything will change as long as this movement stays united isn't hijacked and above all else remains peaceful then as gandhi said you when the british colonists ignored
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ridiculed and then fought our founding fathers and then they lost the southern slave owners ignored ridiculed and fought the calls to abolish slavery and they lost the economic royalists as franklin roosevelt called them ignored ridiculed them thought of progressives who wanted to create a new deal an american middle class and then they lost to in the one nine hundred sixty s. after years of ridicule and fights it was civil rights in the in the rights of the poor the issues in which s.d.s. was founded one hundred sixty four along with the right to young people to vote which was passed as an amendment of the constitution in just seven short months we want this is how our nation came to be and it's playing out again in front of our very eyes today wall street and its corporate media borns will lose to stay tuned. that's the big picture for more information on our stories we
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covered tonight visit our web site the thom hartmann dot com free speech dot org and archie dot com also check out our two you tube channels there are links a tomahawk tartan dot com entire show is available as a free video podcast i tunes and don't forget democracy begins with you tag your it see them are. wealthy british style sun. sometimes. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mikes concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to come.


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